Self-Service Business Intelligence (SSBI)

Intelligent Growth
Innovate Mindfully. Apply Creatively.

As daily operations are growing in organizations, large amounts of data are piling, waiting to be decoded, and give valuable insights into taking the right decisions. It's not about data computation, it goes beyond that!

SSBI takes the traditional approach of data computing to a technological revolution with a system providing actionable insights for teams like product developers, marketers, finance, sales, etc. turning data into power.

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How it Works?

Traditional data computation takes resources, time, and expert personnel. It often leads to inter-organizational challenges, hampering productivity, and delaying handover.

Achieve a collaborative, supportive, and precise workflow that enhances productivity, increases performance, and gives direct results. Turn odds in your favor with power to achieve more!

What to Expect?

Understanding each aspect of functions with computed, clean data, providing a complete scenario of each action, its outcome, scope for improvement, and opportunities.

Gain complete control of your organization by strategically aligning digital products/services, its goals, strategies, etc. Innovate thoughtfully, scale flexibly, and accomplish milestones!

The CloudRedux

CloudRedux is an innovative leap into Smart Digital Transformation. Striving to create highly detailed solutions for organizations. Immense experience, successful implementations, and You-centric focus!

Your solutions comes ready with data analytics, predictive scaling, growth modeling, capabilities, etc. to ensure your team gets valuable intel on processes, opening space for innovation and product growth.

that Matter!

cloud-based web
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CloudRedux enabled to save $34,080 ~ 50% of the initial cost!


Return on investment

Global customers


A sharp focus on solving root causes, enhancing performance, and revolutionizing industry conventions. Achieve multi-dimensional success

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