End-point Detection and Response (EDR)

Unified Safety
Single Encryption. Multiple Authorities.

Cyber integrity capabilities is a rising concern of today's growing digital organizations. Irrespective of your digital work scope, you have to secure your confidential business data and information.

EDR is a step-up in the game of detecting and preventing cyber attacks. It is achieved through a series of crafted tests that are built for modern organizations with diverse web frameworks.

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How it Works?

EDR targets intricate security issues, embedded in the structural framework of your digital warehouse, applications, or computing network. A reliable, secure system built for your business.

Achieve complete security solution built to establish reliability and durability across digital products/services. Establish a dominant name with infallible service offerings.

What to Expect?

End-to-end assessment of business and its core functions. Ensure everything is on point and your systems are threat intelligent. Real-time analysis to effectively counter any risks.

Latest technologies to ensure a complete revamp of organization's security framework. Secured inter and intra-organizational functions. Efficient, safe, and stress-free working!

The CloudRedux

CloudRedux is an innovative leap into Smart Digital Transformation. Striving to create highly detailed solutions for organizations. Immense experience, successful implementations, and You-centric focus!

Your solution is built to establish a system wide trigger analysis tool that works real-time, 24x7, so your team can function without any threat to data and information. Upgrade and integrate to a secure future.

that Matter!

cloud-based web
infra for

CloudRedux enabled 6Sigma.us to save $34,080 ~ 50% of the initial cost!


Return on investment

Global customers


A sharp focus on solving root causes, enhancing performance, and revolutionizing industry conventions. Achieve multi-dimensional success

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Enhance System Integrity, Achieve Real-Time Response.

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