Cost-optimized cloud-based web infra for is a leading provider of Lean Six Sigma, Project Management, DFSS, and other specialized training programs. Six Sigma is a data-driven quality improvement methodology used for continuous process improvement in various industries across horizontals and verticals. They have a global presence with 25,000+ trusted learners across 5000+ organizations!

Six’s training programs are delivered via on-site, instructor-led virtual, classroom training and online modes. They are constantly expanding training programs to offer the best learning and skill development to both organizations and individuals.

The Problem

EdTech companies often face increased user traffic, faulty digital architecture owing to a low level of user experience and engagement. Organizations in this space are highly affected by their digital experience and reputation. Thus, they need to have a robust, intuitive digital architecture.

A quick dive into the problems faced:

  • Computation costs, maintenance, and server costs were shooting up owing to increased requests, expanding training program catalog. 
  • The digital architecture built to host the website and platform in general was obsolete and left no room for integrations.
  • The accessibility and usability of the platform were complex, often requiring technical assistance.
  • The cloud infrastructure and services used weren’t monitored and assessed for performance and optimization.

The Solution

CloudReduxTM stepped up to the challenge! We built and deployed a custom solution involving different implementations to assure peak performance, flexibility, and precision. The solution also enables to grow its capabilities as per the increase in user base.

The solution enabled to not only enhance productivity and performance, but also achieve a digital architecture that has endless integration capabilities, diverse growth possibilities, optimized for success, and engineered to perfection.

All while keeping the costs optimized, increasing ROI, and better resource utilization!

Here’s a quick look at what we did:

  • Migrated from traditional web infrastructure over a VPS to a cloud-optimized, container-based digital architecture over AWS.
  • The (primitive) code to realize the website implemented over WordPress CMS was optimized to the core with significant modifications.
  • Code optimization, minification, and refactoring was done with an objective to minimize request overhead on page load and handling dynamic data strategically.
  • eCommerce pages and implementation was revisited to optimize data overhead, transactional requests, and checkout flow.
  • Application Performance Optimization to ensure that all connected tech is optimized for maximum performance while being extremely efficient and scalable.
  • One-click staging and deployment along with business-relevant DevOps workflow(s) in processes to aid in development and deployment.
  • Set-up and configure auto-scaling instances based on demand to ensure scalability and cost optimization.
  • Basic CloudWatch monitoring to track network requests, CPU utilization, and other critical metrics to monitor server status.

The Result

CloudReduxTM enabled to save costs while having the best digital workflow management, optimization, cloud operations, and cloud infrastructure.

The total expenditure earlier on maintenance and rigid applications that required extra build, downtime, and regular patches/fixes was $67,540 yearly.

With CloudReduxTM, the current cost of running and maintaining their digital architectures is $33,460.

CloudReduxTM enabled to save $34,080 ~ 50% of the initial cost!


Organizations in the EdTech industry need to regularly assess their cloud infrastructure for performance possibilities and optimization opportunities. Cloud computing can be used to offer extreme value, better resource utilization, and cost reductions!