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WordPress React Engineer

CloudRedux is working on a suite of applications in and around Javascript, specifically React to be built for the WordPress platform and other standalone applications.

We’re looking for someone with a practical working knowledge of Javascript and popular Javascript frameworks. Specifically, we are looking for someone with expertise in ReactJS and a good understanding of WordPress – one who can work alongside both of these modern technologies and contribute to creating an array of products/apps that we intend to offer to the community and our customers.

What are we working on

  • WordPress themes – traditional and modern (block-based/Gutenberg) themes to be distributed open-source and also sold commercially.
  • WordPress plugins – utility plugins for WordPress websites with focus on block-based features set and functionality.
  • React based themes – Frontity, Gatsby based react themes for WordPress websites (headless CMS).
  • We also have plans to work on pure React based applications, add-ons, packages that can be used to deploy and support headless CMS web applications/websites based on WordPress.

As the WordPress React Engineer, you are expected to:

  1. Have a solid software development background including design patterns, data structures, test driven development
  2. Be passionate about and have a rock-solid understanding of the core JavaScript language, HTML5 and CSS3. A fair understanding of WordPress should do wonders.
  3. Have experience developing well-structured web applications using modern JavaScript tools like React and Redux.
  4. Possess expertise in JavaScript development and development framework, related tools and programming languages.
  5. Have experience with RESTful APIs. Knowledge of GraphQL is a plus.
  6. Have experience setting up and customizing JavaScript tooling and build systems.
  7. Have experience using type safe JavaScript based languages, such as TypeScript.
  8. Understand the business requirements and convert them into solution designs.
  9. Possess data analysis experience, and understanding of how analytics can help with product decisions.
  10. Provide creative suggestions through research, effective communication and application of analytical skills & good presentation skills.
  11. Experience and enthusiasm for building accessible web pages and products.
  12. Possess strong object-oriented design principles and knowledge of design patterns.

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