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Login Page UI Customizer

We know that you love using WordPress and honestly, what’s not to love about it. Let’s make the WordPress experience even more personalized and creative!

Introducing Login Page UI Customizer!!! You must wonder, is there something that can be done about the login admin page (design-wise..💥). Sounds good, well it looks even better and goes to the next level when you try this out on your website.

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What does the plugin offer?

Aesthetic Inspirations, Modern Designs, and Customizable Templates!

Hey, yes the plugin comes with preloaded templates of art. But, we don’t want to keep your inner Da Vinci from unleashing picturesque designs.

Take the control in your hands with easy-to-use and intuitive options, enabling you to select a template and customize the settings, appearance, images, and much more!

Plugin Features


Choose a template of your choice and get creative!

Styles & Appearance

Form styling with controls like label font size, color, and more.

Lost Password Form

Create a custom-made label for the lost password form.


Style your Login page background, columns, and other layouts.

Login Form

Take complete control of your login page, with edit option for the login form.

Design Freedom

Create a login page like no other. Design a unique doorway to your website!

Logo Settings

Show logo (logo upload option), show title (logo title), and hide logo too!

Register Form

Give new users a great experience with a custom registration page!

No Limitations

Elevate your WordPress experience and unlock additional functionality.

Settings — Admin

To reset login page customization settings, you can use admin settings as;

1. Navigate to the Settings menu in WordPress Dashboard under Settings there is Login Page UI menu( Settings▸Login Page UI ).
2. Click on the Login Page UI menu and use the settings like Remove Settings on Uninstall and Reset Customizer Settings, etc.



Are coding skills needed to use Login Page UI Customizer?

No, the plugin does not require any coding skills. However, there is an option to add custom CSS which can also be used to design the page. But, no coding knowledge does not hinder the experience nor it limits the design capabilities of the plugin user.

What type of images is supported by Login Page UI Customizer?

Plugin supports all MIME types supported by WordPress environment.

How Do I change the text of the Log-in form?

You can change the text of the Log-in form by provided Customizer option, Customizer▸Login Page UI ▸Login Form Text. You can add or edit the text to give your desired choice of content. And it’s done!

Is the Login Page UI Customizer translation ready?

Yes, the Login Page UI Customizer is translation ready. All .mo and .po translation files should go into the languages folder at the base of the plugin.

Is HTML supported in the notice text field?

Yes, you can use standard HTML tags to customize your login page content area.

How do I suggest a change or new feature addition to the Login Page UI Customizer?

You can suggest a change or a new feature to us on our official WordPress page. Or you can write to us at pluginteam@cloudredux.com.

Creativity Never Stops, Why Should Customizations?

Get Started with Building your Custom Login Page!